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I believe it is my mission to remind people, especially women how powerful they are. I once forgot my own power, but now I am reconnected with my true strength, deep resilience, and I allow grace to support me along the way. My breakdown became my breakthrough. I want this experience of remembering your true nature for you too. Let’s do this together. Join me as I share with you my top 12 favorite yoga practices that keep me strong, balanced and thriving in all areas of my life.

What is my Top 12 Toolkit and Who is it for?

This series of meditations are a tool kit for life. Specific guided practices, that work fast to help you thrive rather than just survive amidst the turbulent times of daily living. Do you want specific tools for healing, stability and upliftment or a daily meditation practice but don’t know where to start? Do you wish you had more support and guidance for your home practice? Well these practices with my support will give you just that and lots more!

What Can You Get Out Of These?

Release Anxiety

Release anxiety and live in deeper peace.

Heal Relationships

Release the burden of past relationships.


Live Confidently

Establish a daily meditation practice.


""Sat Siri is such a joy as a teacher! Her class resonates with wisdom and insight, illuminating new perspectives of the practical, everyday struggles we all face and how the practice of Kundalini Yoga develops our inner strength to face them. I always leave her class feeling uplifted, fully engaged in my own spiritual healing, and better able to handle the challenges of my life!"

Jeff Cotrone

""Sat Siri has a quality, at once angelic and utterly of this world. She is so real that her centeredness, compassion and happiness seem attainable to us all. I highly recommend spending time in her company as she will be completely present when you do.""

Donna Burke

""Sat Siri has a rare and powerful gift in the way she speaks Truth. I'm a stronger person in the face of difficulty thanks to her teachings.""

Anthony Polanco

What Are You Waiting For?

Strengthen the most vital parts of yourself so when and if challenges come, you have prepared yourself with the tools and practices that will keep you thriving!


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